Hays Galleria Market Stalls – Fond Memories

Once upon a time in London SE1…

Traders in Hay’s Galleria, London Bridge, have been fighting to save their market since March 2010. The owners had offered the traders one year licence, which would have given away their rights and severely affected their businesses. The property company (the landlords) threatened to remove their barrows.

On the 9th of October the property management company removed stalls containing traders’ stock, ignoring legal warnings.

One of the traders, a jewellery stall owner of more than 22 years said,’Early September, the owners offered us a one year licence to keep trading here which should effectively mean that they had kicked us out with a one months notice. We are tenants here and they should recognise that we are tenants here and have been trading for over 20 years.’

A food stall owner arrived one day in October to find her stall cart removed from the Hay’s Galleria and put outside on the street. ‘I am absolutely devastated’ she shared with other people.

Liam, a Business Champion said ‘It’s bad enough with the state of the economy the number of businesses shutting down is growing every day. Those stall holders are being forced out when they have perfectly viable businesses that contribute to the local economy.